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Shades and Window Treatments

Shades & Window Treatments

Apollo, the Roman Sun God,
brought beautiful light to earth.
But you can do better.

Because you can control when, where and how often that light shines in your own empire with beautiful, easy-to-use motorized shades. And, save a ton of money in the process.

World Wide Stereo is the area's go-to provider for today's most innovative window treatments, shade control and automation. We've got years of experience and a talent for making everything simple...but also very, very smart.                

(All glowing, no pun intended.)


Beautiful. Simple. Smart.

  • We work exclusively with Lutron™ and Sivoia™, the world’s finest lighting and shade control manufacturers.
  • Motorized shades are so simple to use; and ambient light, perfected any time of day or night, is stunning.
  • You set the scene. Adjust for intimacy, parties, dining, or to accentuate your home's architectural beauty at the touch of a single button.
  • Shades control warmth and coolness. Very green, very cost-effective.
  • Integrate your shades to work with your lighting or any other whole house system. Even use your iPhone, iPad or TV remote to control it all!
  • One button activates multiple scenes and moods. Easy to use keypad.
  • Open or close your shades from your bedroom remote.
If any business deserves an A+ for customer service it is clearly World Wide Stereo. Thank you for the work you do and for your vision of customer service.
- Steveanna Wynn

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