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Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor entertainment

Turn your backyard into Funky Town.
And get the party started.

All that fantastic audio gear inside, and you pull out a 1980s boom box for entertaining outside?  No, we can’t have that. Let World Wide Stereo hook you up with the right gear, rain-proof and invisible, and turn your backyard into a outdoor venue worthy of the Philharmonic. (Or a Phils twilight double-header.)

Outdoor Entartainment Design and Installation
Outdoor Entertainment Installation
  • We’ll work with your budget, whether $200 or $200K
  • We’re pros at camouflaging speakers. And we hide them in just the right spots.
  • Take control of your music library from your rubber ducky pool chair, or stream from your favorite Internet station without ever leaving the grill.
  • We’ll work with you and your designer/architect, or present you with a plan. Choose a stand alone system or integrate using home automation, an i-device, etc.
  • How about an outdoor theater? Make room for a full-high-definition, all-weather widescreen flat panel designed to withstand the elements. Now that's some serious summer fun.

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In a time when there are so many options for the consumer to choose from it is still service that wins….our entire experience was first class.
- Jerry and Jennifer O’Malley

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