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Rear Seat Entertainment

Rear Seat Entertainment

This is your captain speaking:

This is your captain. We'll be cruising at 65 miles an hour and drive time will be 6 hours. Remain seated with your seat belts on for the duration and you may now use your personal entertainment console. Please note, each of you controls your own DVD player and headrest monitor, and have access to the family library of shows, movies and music. We offer extensive gaming as well. Of course, our system will also accept your iDevice, so feel free to plug in your iPod or iPad.

You may opt for individual wireless headphones, or use the cabin's custom sound system. Your mother and I would like a little peace up here, so please use the headphones. Like everything onboard, we use only the finest technologies, all seamlessly integrated. Enjoy your drive, and remember: you're sitting on leather – so watch the peanut butter.

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Call our car experts today to talk possibilities. We'll give you a range of ideas, and costs, for different applications – no matter the year and make of your vehicle, or rear seat entertainment technology you want installed.

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