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In-Dash Navigation

Custom navigation systems

Look mom, no wires. (Or velcro, or double-sided sticky tape, or suction cups.)

Installing navigation in your dashboard is equal parts brain surgery and cosmetic surgery. Do it right, and things work as they should. Do it beautifully, and things look like they should – as if "meant to be" by the car's designers – and not hot-glued on, after the fact.

Todays nav systems come with features worthy of the Starship Enterprise. (Except the Enterprise didn't have touch screen technology.) A simple tap, and the world reports back: current traffic conditions, good restaurants close by, points of interest on the way. Add your iDevice through a concealed port, and then tap your dash for music, calls, messages and so on. With everything neatly categorized on screen, voice recognition at your beck and call, and a remarkably human-sounding assistant guiding you turn by turn through your car's own stereo speakers, there's virtually no limit to what you can do. Or where you can go.

World Wide Stereo guarantees a perfect fit and finish. And you will love our OEM custom look.

In-dash navigation
In dash navigation installation service

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