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iDevice Integration

World Wide Stereo iDevice integration

Doing the job in a way Jobs would approve.

There are literally dozens of ways to poorly install an iPhone, iPod or iPad in your car, and at this point, we've seen just about all of them. Loose installs, ugly installs, bad connections, dumb interfaces... all resulting in fuzzy, static-ridden (and sometimes skipping) results. It's a crime, ruining a great car and a great device at the same time.

At World Wide Stereo, every iDevice install is engineered and configured to rival the industry's highest standard: Apple's standard. And that maniacal perfectionism pays some nifty dividends, starting with no static. (FM transmitters need to go. Like cassette players did.) No dead batteries, either, as our installs always leave your devices in charging mode.

We also make operation simple and intuitive. In most cases, you can use your car stereo to navigate your device, so you barely take your eyes off the road – even when searching for that track you uploaded years ago. And whether we hide your device, or install a new iPad right in your dash, the end result has that OEM, custom look.

If you want to do it right – have it done here, by real pros. It's the smart move.

iTunes integration with World Wide Stereo
iPhone integration at World Wide Stereo

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