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Car & Mobile Installation

Car & Mobile

Though it’s cold and lonely in the deep
dark night, you’ll see paradise by the
dashboard light.

Your choice: spend 15 hours a week in the car like the average American – or spend the same 15 hours in total, connected, euphoric bliss like the average World Wide Stereo car customer. And if you think that's over-stating, consider: we have been perennial award winners at the regional and national level since 1980 – and customers ship their cars to us from as far away as LA and Miami. 

Whether audio, video, radar, internet streaming, satellite – a simple i-device install or an exotic $50K makeover – we're it.  And with the advent of new technologies (iPad integration, proximity detectors, cameras, crash avoidance detectors, etc.), our guys continue to write the book on Mobile Electronics. So do the research, hit the links, check around... and then stop by and talk possibilities with one of our specialists.

McIntosh Car audio
World Wide Stereo Custom car video

Start taking the long way home – and loving every extra mile.

  • World Wide Stereo opened its dedicated car facility in the summer of 1979 – when 4-barrel Holley carburetors were state of the art.  (And chipped = nicked paint only.)
  • Countless awards over the years, and recently cited as "one of the top ten custom installers' in the USA"
  • We're experts in stealth: keeping a car looking totally stock, 100% authentic, yet still swapping out old for new, and good for much, much better.  
  • We do the simple stuff, too. Any i-device integration, remote starters, alarms, back seat entertainment and gaming – that sort of thing.  Cake.  And reasonably priced too.
  • In-dash navigation.  Beautiful, easy and way better looking than OEM.
  • Audio upgrades: we can make your factory system sound better.  Or, redesign with special amps, speakers, subs, EQ’s and i-device adapters that work and sound incredible.  (Imagine your iPad as head unit, audio interface and video viewer!)
  • If you can do it at home, you can do it in your car: surf the net, send email, stream Pandora or Spotify. 
  • Free estimates.

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After the stereo was installed I thought there must have been a mistake. How could I get this great sound on such a limited budget? …. I have never had a car stereo that sounded so good!!

- Rick Hogans
Controller, Danella Companies

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