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Sennheiser X320 Premium Gaming Headset for Xbox 360 (Black)

Model: X 320   UPC: 615104225312
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Product Information

You need gear that can keep up with your level of play. The Sennheiser X 320 will help you turn millions of unsuspecting XBox LIVE gamers into statistics. The thrill of victory is even sweeter when teamed with the proven acoustical prowess of Sennheiser's Open-Aire speaker system. This advanced system provides the best possible imaging, detail and response throughout the entire frequency range (15-23,000 Hz)...which even goes beyond what the human ear can hear. The open design reduces standing waves within the ear capsule, thereby reducing artifacts that could mask critical in-game audio (footsteps, engine noise, gunfire). Even better, it keeps your ears cool during long gaming sessions. The around-the-ear cups have plush padding to match the headband, giving you no reason to stop playing late into the night. The noise canceling mic is capable of clean, clear voice signals while reducing distracting ambient chatter. The flip-to-mute microphone makes it easy to take a conversation offline.Connection is simple and reliable: Use the USB port to get in-game audio to the headset. The voice cable connects to the controller for in-game chat audio. A breakout cable lets you feed audio to a monitor or A/V receiver via RCA. To top it off, the USB connection doubles as an integrated amplifier and provides power to the selectable Bass Boost control. When engaged, the Bass Boost feature will add mass to explosions, music and other in-game SFX. The in-line Bass Boost switch is accompanied by a volume control for both in-game audio AND the chat audio level-- a genius way to make certain the overall mix is just how you want it.

  • Sennheiser sound - hear your teammate or opponent AND in-game audio with superior clarity
  • Built-in mixer lets you customize in-game audio levels vs. the level of chat audio
  • Open-Aire speaker system delivers private, hi-fidelity sound worthy of the Sennheiser name, while keeping ears ventilated
  • Non-fatiguing acoustics let you game longer
  • Integrated selectable Bass Boost
  • Ultra-plush ear pads (504517) breathes easy
  • Flexible connectivity options with color code connectors for EZ setup
  • Noise canceling microphone reduces ambient distractions from other listeners
  • Flip-to-mute lets you quickly take a conversation offline
  • 2-year global warranty
Delivery Includes
  • X 320 headset (504199)
  • Connecting cables for in-game audio (504524)
  • Connecting cables for chat-audio (504524)
  • Earpads (already installed, 504517)
  • Setup guide

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