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McIntosh Labs MA6600 200 Watt Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Model: MA6600
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Product Information

MA6600 Integrated Amplifier Features:

EXCLUSIVE MCINTOSH POWER ASSURANCE SYSTEMA collection of technologies that enhance performance and reliability while protecting the amplifier and loudspeakers.

POWER GUARD A waveform comparison circuit continuously monitors both input and output signals. Power Guard dynamically adjusts the input level to avoid clipping while preventing harsh sounding distortion.

ELECTRONIC SWITCHING AND BALANCED CONNECTIONS The preamplifier uses Logic Circuits controlling Electromagnetic Switches on all inputs and operating functions for reliable, noiseless distortion free switching. There are two Balanced Inputs for connection of source components and a a Balanced Preamplifier output for driving an external Power Amplifier

POWER CONTROL AND REMOTE CONTROL The power control output connection provides convenient Turn-On/Off of McIntosh Source components. The Data Ports together with the supplied Remote Control provides control of McIntosh Source components connected to the MA6600.

WATTMETER Swift, accurate response reveals program peaks so staying within the power limits of your loudspeakers is easy.

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