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Keepers of the sound

From the moment World Wide Stereo took on Klipsch, the line took off like a rocket, quickly becoming our #1 speaker. Today, customers around the world continue to come to us for Klipsch’s stunningly pure, big-punch power. And the backstory, if you’re into
history and technology firsts, is fascinating:

When Paul Klipsch founded the company in 1946, it was among the very first U.S. loudspeaker companies. His innovation, the Klipschorn, revolutionized the way people listened to recorded music, and through the years, his proprietary horn-loaded technology would be the driving force behind the company’s remarkably accurate sound. By 1997, Paul held 23 patents, and he was inducted into the Engineering and Science Hall of Fame – in the same hall as Thomas Edison and the Wright brothers.

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The Four Principles

Klipsch believes four principles are the foundation for great sound: high efficiency, low distortion, controlled directivity and flat frequency response. These principles still drive the design of every new Klipsch speaker today, and at World Wide Stereo, that's music to our (and our customers') ears. What it means: music and surround sound through Klipsch speakers are so incredibly accurate, they reveal layers of detail never heard before. From subtle cricket chirps to glass-shattering explosions in movies... from the scrape of a violinist’s bow to chugging guitar lines... you hear everything in its full glory, regardless of volume level. And because Klipsch speakers are so highly efficient, they can fill any size room with powerful concert-hall-quality sound, without the distortion or coloration you get with conventional speakers. (That's probably why Klipsch is #1 in market share for all U.S. channels in a number of categories, including floorstanders, center channels, surround speakers, subwoofers and on-wall speakers. Source: NPD Intelect.)

We invite you to browse the Klipsch line here, while taking note of our very special Klipsch pricing.

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And a few more words from Bob Cole:

“We're all about manufacturers like Klipsch. They are true believers, they are proud of their American / Arkansas heritage, and back in the day, they were as persistent in their desire to get in our stores... as they were persistent in their pursuit of perfect sound. And I for one am glad they didn’t give up.

One of the first real influences in my audio life was listening to a Klipsch horn in the early ’70s. These are hands down the best rock, blues and R&B speakers ever made – though one of our regular customers, a classical organist, says nothing duplicates the sound of an organ better then Klipsch. Today they make headphones, too, and they were also one of the first to introduce an AirPlay docking product. Bottom line: This is a family business, like ours, and a business that will do just about anything to make, and keep, its customers happy – so it’s no wonder so many folks ask for Klipsch by name. I invite you to explore Klipsch today at World Wide Stereo – just bring a few mp3s of your favorite tunes to one of our stores for a test drive. We will close the door, walk away, and give you some space.”

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bob cole