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Grado Prestige Gold P Mount Turntable Phono Cartridge

Model: PRESTIGE-GLD   UPC: 411378032003
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  • Our price: $240.00

Product Information

What People are saying about the Gold...

"While the Prestige Gold cannot provide quite the same ultra-refined, take-you-to-the-mountaintop listening experiences that big buck moving coils can, it takes you a long way up the path toward analog excellence, and for a pennies-on-the-dollar price."- Chris Martens / The Absolute Sound
"It was lively and detailed but never edgy on vocal sibilants, and didn't over-emphasis leading edges on acoustic guitar."
"Beefheart's Clear Spot, the undoing of many an under-performing cartridges, didn't faze the Grado."
"It's a definite Best Buy!"
Hi Fi Choice / Alan Sircom
"The Prestige Gold's sound was readily identifiable, but after just a few seconds it didn't matter much, so engaging were the results."Wayne Garcia - The Absolute Sound

Frequency Response 10-60

Principal MI

Channel Separation at 1KHz 35

Imput Load 47K

Output at 1KHz 5CM/sec. 5mV

Recommended Tracking Force 1.5

Stylus Type E

Inductance 45mH

Resistance 475

Compliance CUs 20

Stylus Replacement U=user U

Mounting S/P

Weight 5.5

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