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Audiovox APS57N Remote Start Keyless Entry 5 Button Transmitter

Model: APS-57N   UPC: 044476065156
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Product Information

With a click of button you can have the lights and horn of your car flash and beep to make it easier for you to locate your vehicle as well as providing you the security you have come to expect from Prestige.


Product Features

  • On board ignition 1 & 2 relay
  • Ignition 2 relay selectable on or off during cranking
  • On board parking light relay
  • Ignition 3, shock by pass, GM VAT output relay required
  • Tach signal learning circuit
  • Two positive and two negative safety shutdown circuits
  • Alarm by pass output
  • Accessory outputs, pulse before & after start, during crank & after shut down
  • Selectable steady or flashing parking lights for run indication
  • Selectable 5, 10, 15, or 20 minute remote start run times
  • Programmable door lock pulse duration 1 second, 3.5 seconds, 1 sec, DBl unlock
  • Car finder mode

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