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Kenwood XR1S eXcelon Reference Fit Mono Digital Power Amplifier

Model: XR-1S   UPC: 019048182814
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Product Information

The eXcelon Reference Fit amplifiers will satisfy the discerning mobile audiophile with its simple design and unyielding power. These amplifiers are built to be easily installed in the tightest applications yet they provide the power required to pump out the sound you want to hear.

  • 600 Watts (RMS) x 1 @ 4ohms
  • 700 Watts (RMS) x 1 @ 2 Ohms
  • Dual Power Supply
  • Dual Sigma Drive
  • Variable Low Pass Filter: 50~200Hz -24dB/oct
  • Variable Infrasonic Filter: 15~40Hz -24db/oct
  • Bass Boost Remote Ready (KCA-WR10)
  • Width: 9-1/4 (235mm)
  • Height: 2-1/16 (52mm)
  • Depth: 7-9/16 (192mm)

Class D Amplifier: For subwoofer applications, Class D amps are beautifully efficient and their small size offers installation flexibility.

Dual Sigma Drive: This advanced negative feed back circuit improves damping factor and increases accuracy and sound quality. When a signal is passed to a subwoofer, like a 50Hz note, the speaker will move and create the note. However, because the speaker has mass and a suspension, it wont stop moving once its in motion. This extra movement (sound) creates a type of distortion thats not part of the original signal. The negative feedback circuit senses this unwanted movement and send out an opposite pulse to stop the speaker like an electronic brake.

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