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Monster MPC P300 BAP500 Amplifier Installation Kit - 4 Gauge (120973)

Model: MPC P300 BAP50
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Product Information

Drive Your Amplifier with High-Current Power Transfer for Crystal-Clear Sound Even at High VolumesFrom the thump of house music to the roar of rocket engines, you demand the best sound quality from your mobile entertainment system. But your high-output amplifier needs maximum current transfer to accurately reproduce the high-resolution soundtracks found in todays CDs, DVDs, MP3s, games and other sources while overcoming road noise, especially with the windows down. Ideal for subwoofer amplifiers, Monster Performance Car 300 Series 500 Watt Amplifier Power Hookup Kit includes all the cables, fusing and connections you need for low loss, high-current power transfer to your amplifier. 4 gauge patented Monster PowerFlex power cable delivers the current your amplifier needs to produce up to 500 watts of total power for deeper, tighter bass you can hear and feel.

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