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Power Conditioning

Power Conditioning at World Wide Stereo

Raw AC power is fine for toaster ovens
and 100 Watt light bulbs. But not quality
audio/video components.

Though the technology in your house has changed dramatically through the years, the AC current that powers it still thinks it's 1955. Contaminated with noise, burping harmful surges and spikes at will, today's AC can harm and degrade sensitive theater components, computers and high-end audio equipment.

Correct it with the right power conditioner, however, and your technology will perform at the level it was designed to – a level you will clearly hear and see, every day. World Wide Stereo began integrating power conditioners the moment they arrived and our customers continue to appreciate, and love, the upgrade. Yes, little things make a big difference.

Power Conditioning
Power Conditioning

Electronic stability for the whole home:

  • Totally pristine audio. Cleaner, clearer HD. Less hiccuping.
  • Less downtime + less repairs + less re-programming = smart investment.
  • Choose the system best for you, from basic to advanced. Then turn it on and forget it.
  • Award-winning installation. (We can also just spec your job, and get the right unit to your electricians ASAP.)
  • Built in filters eliminate cell phone and appliance noise.
  • Storm and lightning protection.

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From the beginning, service at World Wide Stereo has been number one, and I can see that it sill is…that’s why we keep coming back.
- Marianne Neumester

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