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Monster 50 ft. Spool Medium CableitTM Cable Management Kit - Gray (129723)

Model: CIT MGY-50   UPC: 050644499746
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  • Our price: $79.95

Product Information

  • Compact cable wrap for home theater, home office, home studio and or any room in the home.
  • Easy to install and can be cut to custom lengths.
  • Zip up all your cables in 3 easy steps.
  • English/French/Spanish packaging.
  • Holds 5-8 cables.
  • Customize: Take any pair of household scissors and cut to length.  
  • Available in Black, White, or Grey

Prep: Gather up your cables. Be careful not to insert too many cables. (Note: For the best AV performance, use a separate CableIt for power cords and AV cables.)

Step 1: Snap open the Monster Zipper and insert your cables, as shown. Close the Zipper around the cables.

Step 2: Slide the CableIt sleeve onto the Zippers pointed tip with the sleeve openings pointing downward. Grip the sleeve around the cables.

Step 3: Holding the Zipper handgrip, pull the Zipper backward or the sleeve forward away from the Zipper. Unsnap the Zipper from the end of the sleeve. Youre done! Its that easy.

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