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dB Logic

dB Logic

dB Logic, LLC, was founded in 2010 by MWM Acoustics, a globally leading supplier of high–performance, high–quality sound and communication components to OEM manufacturers. With more than 40 patents, MWM provides innovative design, production and support for world renowned products used by consumers and professionals all over the world.

The issue of sound pressure level limiting (SPL) in general, and limiting to reduce the chance of long–term hearing damage in particular, is relatively new. MWM engineers began looking into a new approach to SPL limiting after finding that there was no good solution on the market. Other technologies use batteries, or worse, passively clip the signal and add distortion. MWM’s engineering team developed SPL2, a tiny circuit that operates in between the music player and the headphone earpiece. SPL2 is the only no–battery, no–distortion SPL limiting technology on the market today. SPL2 regulates the volume while still maintaining high–quality sound.

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