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Home Theater Design and Installation

Home Theater Design and Installation

Once upon a time, a warm fire kept everyone home.
This is how it’s done today.

The awe-inspiring, fully immersive, disbelief-suspending cinema experience we’re known for
doesn’t come in a box – it comes with insight about you, your family and your home environment.
Your favorite movies, your listening preferences, how old your kids are, how big your room is, where
the windows are, where the sun sets, where the dog sits, and so on. From there, the sky’s the limit.
We’ll work with you and/or your designer, whether creating a tasteful family room that turns into a theater with the lights out, or an authentic Hollywood screening room worthy of an Oscar-winning director.
And every World Wide Stereo project comes with the best technicians and installers in the country
(check our credentials and awards) so you get a meticulous install.

Building the ultimate
home theater, rule #1.

Before we get to your house, we have to get
in your head. We’ll help you choose from
the finest home theater products in the
world to match your preferences –
and your budget. Our techs even
wear booties, to keep your floors clean.


It’s not just about electronics. With the right acoustic treatments and best-in-class seating, your home theater goes from totally awesome to heavenly sublime.


2 or 3 taps – and it’s showtime!

Once done, we program everything so it’s simple to use, and we don’t leave until you can operate everything with ease.


Sure, a backyard swimming pool can bring the family together, but a home theater does the same – 365 days a year, day and night for years to come. No one does Home Theater better than we do. Call or stop by anytime to see our portfolio, or to discuss your dream theater.

How adding a home theater to your
home network is a bonafide homerun:

home networkingCall up any family picture or home movie on the big screen instantly.
whole house audioStream music from any source, effortlessly, from your home library, and turn your theater into Carnegie Hall.

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