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Alpine HCE-C200R Multi-View Rear Camera System

Model: HCE-C200R   UPC: 793276401823
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Product Information

Multi-View Rear Camera System

The rear view camera comes with an image processor (black box) and a control switch. It offers four viewing modes. Standard View shows what is behind. Corner View displays a split screen of left/ right views for easier turning while reversing. Top View shows how close you are to objects, like looking down from above. Panorama View gives a 180 view so you can check that nothing is behind the car.

Panorama View

Displays a wide (about 180) view behind the car. This is useful whenever you are backing up.

Rear View

Displays what is directly behind the car. Useful when backing into a parking space.

MODE button

The rear view camera comes with an image processor (black box) and a control unit. The camera automatically turns on and the display comes on when the car is shifted into reverse. There are four viewing modes, which are selected via the MODE button.
Top View
Displays an image from above down to the lower section of the car. The driver can use this to determine how close he is to objects in the rear. This is very useful when in a parking space, to back all the way in.

Corner View

Displays a split screen of images to the left and right. This lets the driver see if anything is coming while he is backing out with his vision blocked, from between two vans, for example.

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