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Lighting Control

Lighting Control at World Wide Stereo

Ask any designer: the right lighting trumps all – control the light, and you control the magic. In other words – exactly what World Wide Stereo is all about.

We’ve been designing and installing lighting control systems for 32 years, and we’ll work with you and your designers and/or architects to create the perfect atmosphere for every occasion and time of day – in as many rooms as you like.

We make it all so easy:

  • One button activates multiple scenes and moods.

  • Tap the keypad and change the lighting scene. Program by activity, locale and time of day.

  • Turn off the kitchen lights from bedroom remote.

World Wide Stereo Lighting Control
Lighting Control Installation

Go for gorgeous:

  • Integrate your lighting to work with controlled shades or any other whole house system. Even use your iPhone, iPad or even TV remote to control it all!
  • Not just safer, greener:

  • We work exclusively with Lutron™, the world’s first and finest lighting and shade control manufacturers.

  • Connect light controls to security systems and fire alarms. Automatically light the way in an emergency.

  • Occupancy sensors know when you're home.

  • Controlled lighting and dimmers can cut your electric bill by 20%. Click to check Lutron's Energy Savings Calculator.

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    The equipment you installed is working perfectly, and in accordance with all of your representations. What more can one hope for?
    - Eric Steinberg

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